What a revolting colour…

As a middle-aged woman descended the spiral staircase from MsMarmite’s balcony I looked up and smiled…to be greeted with her exclamation at the sight of Violet’s Rhubarb Curd…”What a revolting colour!” Once the shock at her brusque outburst had subsided I realised the hilarity of the whole affair, she had no idea what the curd was and I suspect she originally thought it to be some sort of children’s concoction!

Having rolled around laughing for ten minutes or so with this mortified lady she tried a dollop of said curd on top of one of my mini fruit buns. Suddenly she was not only mortified but determined to buy a jar, despite my protestations that it wasn’t necessary to make up for her earlier comments!

The first UK Underground Farmer & Crafts market was the setting for this sale, held at MsMarmiteLover’s lovely garden flat in Kilburn. This was, in fact, the setting for all of my sales so far, of which there were many on Sunday! Violet’s Fruit Curd seemed to go down really well and I am absolutely delighted.

I sold Lemon, Apricot and the famed Rhubarb, selling out of everything apart from 3 jars of the Lemon and 2 of the Apricot. Other stallholders (of which there were more than 30!) were selling lovely napkins, tasty chutneys, lots of cupcakes, aprons, coffee and so on. Demos were held in the kitchen and many a Shed made gin cocktail was consumed….

J and I took home lots of swapped treats, cupcakes from Crumbelina, chutneys from House of Chutney, amazing tortilla and Empanades from can be bribed with food and it was all so lovely that we sat on the floor and ate it whilst watching Poirot (with David Suchet…yay).

The next day I received the loveliest of emails telling me how gorgeous Violet’s Lemon Curd was…was being the operative word…attached was this delightful picture:

Thank you, the late night tying on of labels and recipes related hair tearing definitely feels well worth it now!

Watch this space for further news on where Violet goes next…and the Underground Farmer and Crafts Market in Minolta+Ilford made pictures.


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4 responses to “What a revolting colour…

  1. How lovely! Amazing stuff!

  2. You were such a star! So glad you received such lovely feedback!
    Our jar of lemon curd is sitting on the self – I feel like we should keep it forever as it will be worth millions, being a first edition curd when you take over the world!

  3. Helen

    Ha-ha… ‘middle aged’ – touche!!!

    In fact you win hands down. It’s true – I had no idea what it was, and on closer inspection it did look like something that had been made by a seven year old, but once I tasted it, I was won over – rhubarb curd A B S O L U T E L Y D E L I C I O U S !!!

    Nevertheless, I still maintain that the presentation was deceptive/confusing (hey, I’m trying my best to be polite here!!!). But who am I to comment – if that’s what you were aiming for.

    All the best,
    That mortified middle aged woman!

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Nice post..will add it to my blog post. Let me know your first supperclub date….

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