Points of information

There once was a girl called Violet
Who toiled in the kitchen ’til twilight…

My name isn’t Violet, it’s Rachael.

Violet was my Great Grandmother, she is the girl in the picture in the header, she looks like my sister. My sister isn’t as grumpy as Violet looks.

I now have possession of her double saucepan, which I genuinely use to make curd.

Varieties of which include Lemon (+secret ingredient), Rhubarb (+secret ingredient), Apricot (no secrets here).

You can buy this curd, email me!

I like curd, and things you can do with it, and making up new recipes with different fruit and things.

But the saucepan isn’t very big, so I can’t make loads and loads at a time.

But, that’s better anyway. Small batch beats big batch.

From May/June/July/soon-ish I will hopefully be holding some ‘secret’ supperclubs in New Cross.

I just told you about it, so it’s not really a secret, hence the parentheses. Although I do overuse them. Sorry.

We are called the Hatcham Supperclub as Hatcham is the original name for the area we live in. Samuel Pepys brother used to live here. Not in our house, in another one nearby.

I like random facts.

Oh, and if you come to our house for dinner, I will feed you more than curd.

(Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that there will/will not be a curd based dish on the menu)

4 responses to “Points of information

  1. Hannah

    Sounds great Rachael! Love this blog and look forward to hearing more about the supperclubs soon! Hannah

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  3. Cute blog! Love the fonts and colours…I’m a huge fan of lemon curd too, though never tried rhubarb or apricot curd though, I’m intrigued…Random fact: my great grandmother died at the hand of a bear.

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